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Stop asking what's for dinner.

We got tired of not knowing what to cook for dinner, so we built an app that tells you just that.

Recipeas tells you what to cook for dinner with what you actually have.

People should be able to find delicious, interesting recipes they can make right now without having to plan an elaborate meal.

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How does it work?

  • First, we ask you about a few ingredients that you are likely to have.
  • We display curated recipe results that you are likely to be able to make.
  • With each use, Recipeas gets smarter. We remember what ingredients you’ve selected and know when they go bad or run out, without you having to tell us.
  • All of our recipes are hand curated by food lovers like you from the best food blogs on the web and we add new, searchable recipes every day!

We have all the Recipeas.

You should be able to find delicious, interesting recipes you can make right now.

With Recipeas you can. Start out by browsing new recipes and when you’re ready, cook with recipes you can actually make.

We don’t sacrifice quality recipes for quantity, there is no reason to compromise with food. Happy cooking!

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